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Photo Corporation Australia, the parent company of PixiFoto Australia and PixiFoto School Photography, went into administration in July 2013.

While MSP Photography has taken on servicing many schools that were formerly clients of PixiFoto School Photography, MSP Photography did not purchase PixiFoto School Photography and is under no obligation to supply any products or services that were promised by either PixiFoto School Photography or PixiFoto Family Portrait Photographers.

Regretfully, we have been informed that the supply of products purchased from PixiFoto Australia is no longer possible.

MSP Photography, however, can assist with portrait pack reorders. Please note that while portrait packs available for reorder, they are slightly different to those originally supplied by PixiFoto School Photography,  MSP Photography has done its best to ensure the value of these packs remains the same.


To reorder your portrait pack, please contact the franchisee in your local area. Group images are not available.

If you represent a school, please also contact the franchisee in your local area.


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